Biotech Molecular and Clinical lab (BMCL) has always been at the forefront in introducing emerging technologies in the field of diagnostics.

This is the lab in the private sector where each segment of diagnostics like Hematology, Cytogenetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Virology, Histopathology, Chemistry, Special Chemistry, Clinical Pathology Immunology and Serology, Parasitology, are available under one roof.

Additionally, BMCL takes pride in offering accurate and reliable diagnostics within the quickest turn-around times.


The General Hematology laboratory offers a wide range of tests, using advanced automated technology, as well as consultative services in the diagnosis of hematological diseases and disorders. The laboratory offers an efficient service for processing full blood count, blood films and bone marrow samples. It offers expert interpretations and consultative advice on Peripheral blood, bone marrow of specimens  and other body fluids.

In addition, the laboratory undertake Malaria screening and identification, Sickle Cell screening and G6PD screening.

Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry applies chemical, molecular, and cellular techniques to the understanding and the evaluation of human health and disease. The results of these measurements and observations are relevant to the causes and extent of diseases. These data are converted into patient- and disease-related information at the laboratory clinician interface.


The Microbiology laboratory is a complete diagnostic lab that performs testing for a full range of human pathogens including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria; yeasts and molds; blood, tissue, and enteric parasites; and mycobacteria. Techniques used include culture from a wide variety of specimens, special stains, direct antigen detection (Group A streptococci, Cryptosporidium, Glardia lamblia, Trichomonas vaginalis), molecular real-time PCR diagnostics and toxin assays (Clostridium difficile and enterohemorrhagic E. Coli).

Once isolated and identified, antibiotic susceptibility testing is performed on bacteria and antifungal susceptibility testing on yeast.

Hormones and Tumor Markers

All of the reproductive hormones are assayed in the laboratory. In this fashion, results can be reported promptly and with a high level of accuracy. The monitoring of hormone levels is an extremely important part of reproductive care.

This laboratory, under the medical and technical supervision of Prof. Dr Nadeem Akbar Khan.


The Biotech histopathology lab provides timely, affordable, accurate and professional services, including immune-histo-chemical stairing. Consultations for proper collection and fixation of tissues, microtomy and fixation of tissues, microtomy and staring are available.

Molecular Biology

Our Molecular biology department is emphasizing on highly accurate and reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases and treatment options to clinicians. It is equipped with Rotor-Gene Q expert molecular system for the detection and viral loads of many viral & bacterial pathogens including:

  • HCV Qualitative, Quantitative and Genotyping
  • HBV Qualitative, Quantitative and Genotyping
  • Mycobacterium Qualitative, Quantitative and Genotyping
  • Covid-19 PCR

Covid 19 PCR Lab

BMCL has established a dedicated Covid 19 PCR testing Laboratory. This BSL-2 Covid lab is equipped with state of the art PCR systems by Rotor-gene Q (Germany) diagnostics Ireland. The high quality CE marked and IVD approved kits are being used for testing which are also made by Hibergene Diagnostics Ireland. Currently we have a PCR testing capacity of 2000 per day. At BMCL we are also equipped with Maglumi – 800 Snibe diagnostic for the Covid 19 antibodies testing.